01 Mar 2023

Why Infographic Videos Will Determine Storytelling in 2021?

Infographic videos are simply graphic visuals. Any topic is visually represented to convey information, data, concept, or knowledge quickly and clearly. It's a great way to visually get your story out with some important information. In 2021, infographic videos are considered a go-to video genre for brands to create their video.

Infographic videos make mundane data compelling, thought-provoking and visually stunning. Social media today is progressively motivated towards visuals content. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are flourishing on visually-driven content. Consumers are consistently drawn towards enticing visuals as it's stimulating for consumers.

In this article, you will find some intriguing trends and benefits of infographic videos along with some facts for your brands. You can understand how to captivate your audience through infographic videos and scale your engagement to grow your business.

Trend #1- Storytelling will become a game-changer

Research has shown that consumers associate better with brands through visual stories, and they have become one of the most effective marketing strategies in 2021. Storytelling is a good way to evolve relationships by using empathy and compassion as key ingredients in your video. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd. In 2021, consumer-centric storytelling strategy will blossom as it would be engaging, captivating and most importantly it would focus on building trust and loyalty.

Trend #2- Animated visuals are the new wheel of fortune

Animated visually has been a popular trend and will continue to gain more traction in 2021. Visuals like short animated GIFs and videos will make any content you present user friendly and user-focused. Animated visual content is popular among Gen Z and millennials on social media. Animated explainer videos are engaging, informative and super trendy.

Trend #3- Mobile-first design

It is a smartphone generation. The usage of smartphones has grown and will continue to grow along with internet usage. More than half of the population has a smartphone, and it is set to increase in 2021. Smartphones have and will continue to grow and be one of the popular communications and survival tool. Infographics are mainly a popular format for social media, in 2021, there might be more changes in adaptability for a smartphone format.

Trend #4- Personalisation is key

Consumers don't feel valued when content is mass-produced in a generic manner. They cant be fooled or engaged through mass media content. Personalised content builds trust and loyalty towards your brand as they are visually attracted to your brand. It's key to understand your audience because a certain target audience like Gen Z would like an animated video but a baby boomer would like a good old banner.

Here are some of the simple yet effective benefits your brand can have if you opt to get infographic videos done

  • Wide reach
  • Builds trust into data visuals
  • Improves your brand salience
  • Provides deeper and clearer information analysis
  • Improves reporting abilities
  • Promotes problem-solvin
  • Engages internal and external thinking
  • Colours can finally be an asset
  • Keeps it interesting and interactive
  • Real-time data

Infographic facts and figures

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual content
  • 70% of your sensory receptors are in your eyes
  • 50% of your brain cognition and processing is active when you look at visual content
  • 83% of human learning is through visual content
  • 10% remember what they hear 20% remember what they read and 80% remember what they see
  • 90% of all human communication is non-verbal

Previous studies show our brain processes visuals faster and they retain and transmit much more information through visual content. To conclude, infographic data visualisation is always growing and evolving. This pandemic has shown how important statistics and facts are. Trends keep changing and involving but the main focus should always remain on how you communicate the message.

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