07 Feb 2023

What is an animated explainer video?

Explainer videos are devised to break ground for your consumers and provide them with a few primitive information to build trust and relationship so they can choose your brand to service them. The main purpose of an explainer video is to bridge the gap to get the ball rolling between your consumers and your product/service.

Brands use explainer videos to convey their brand stories in the most momentous approach viable. It’s used to showcase or demonstrate your brand's product, services, or business idea. Most businesses benefit by using their landing page or website homepage to display their explainer videos.

Conclusively, an explainer video should answer three simple questions:

Who are you?

What do you do?

How are you different?

Explainer videos cater to deliver quick facts and a rapid overview of your company in a creative and edgy style.

As a creative agency, Brew animation aspires to be a visionary in the animation industry. We have created countless explainer videos and have always recommended and expressed how beneficial and trendy explainer videos are for brands who want to showcase their product/ service to create a positive buzz. Brew animation has diverse talent and various tools to help brands become unique in their field and set them apart in the crowd.

This piece will outline the benefits of explainer video along with the types of explainer videos you can use for your brand to increase your marketing communication. This article will break down the framework of how Brew animation will bring solutions to your marketing challenges with a client example.

Explainer videos don't need to be salesy

Explainer videos have the competence to sell your product/ service without being high-handed or too salesman nature. Explainer videos allow brands to communicate to their audience in a mordant tone and provide them with educational information about their product/service. Explainer videos are entertaining, creative and popular. They can be a powerful sales tool without being a serious sales pitch.

Easy sharing on multiple platforms

People love to share content. Sharing content has become so easy and viable for brands and consumers. Creating an explainer video that can be on your website and allowing it to be shared on social media such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be a powerful marketing asset and a great way to reach a mass audience. Thanks to technology your explainer video doesn't need to be on one platform. That's the artistry of multi-platform sharing.

Boosts your brand perception and recognition

Plenty of research shows people buy from brands they know or hear about it from their reference groups. Explainer videos help communicate your brand's vision and mission through its colours, text, tone of voice and plenty more. It also increases trust among your consumers. Explainer videos are designed to be personalized. They mirror what your brand is about and what narrative to put forth to your audience. It helps feature your brand's unique qualities through creativity and show them to your right audience.

Let's take a glimpse at an explainer video Brew animation produced for one of its clients. The framework is broken down to understand the process of producing an explainer video through this example.

Client- Happy Mongo

Challenge - Our client's main challenge as a startup was to provide cognitive learning to children. They needed to provide a high octane educational, convincing tool to create a brand and leverage brand equity or further innovative products.

Solution - Brew animation understood the clients specific needs and the kind of explainer video they were looking for. The solution to this challenge was to create a clear explainer video for their target audience explaining the platform and how beneficial it is. Brew animation went through a creative route to express a strong brand user message. The explainer video was created from a user’s perspective which could be used on multi-platforms. Take a look at the video Brew animation produced.

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